1.     The best way to start the home selling process is to browse through computer listings and get familiar with the market in your area. On this site you can see approximately what your existing home may worth. Then you can use that information to look at housing options in your price range that you could consider moving to.


2.     At the same time, start cleaning out clutter from your home.  Toss junk, pack rarely used items you want to keep but won’t need while your house is on the market, and work on your “honey do” list of small things to fix.


3.     Invite me to come to your home for fact finding mission. You do not have to have it “showing ready”, I can see past your stuff to see room sizes, layout, etc.


4.     I will take some measurements and discuss your timetable to estimate how soon you would want it to go on the market. My daughter Daina and my husband Sonny are also Realtors and sometimes join me.


5.     I will give you a copy of the “Ready to Sell Book” that I wrote which goes into more of the fine details of what you as a homeowner should do and what I can do for you. I will also point out anything I see that I think is urgent for you to do.


6.     I will give you copy of the listings forms that you will need to sign so you can preview them in advance, and a packet of other useful items you might need to get ready.


7.     Depending on your specific home, I may be able to give you some listings of generic comparable sales that may be similar to your home.


8.     The most important document that I give you is what we call “your homework.” – the “I Need your Help” questionnaire.   To help us prove the value of your home, please fill out the questions in great detail and return it to me.


9.     I will prepare a Market Analysis that compares your specific home to the other homes on the market now, and the homes that sold recently so we can discuss a listing price.


10.  I can also give you names of Mortgage lenders, attorneys, tradesmen, inspectors, cleaning crews etc. if you need their help.


11.  At our second meeting, we will discuss a possible list price for your home and if you are ready, we can sign the necessary paperwork to list the home.


12.  When the paperwork is signed, I will have a photographer take photos and I will start putting the listing into computer, start writing marketing ads and we will discuss procedures of how we will show the house and explain about open houses. I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS AND GUIDE YOU.


13.  When we receive an offer, I will present it to you and discuss the details.  Very often, there is some negotiation between buyer and seller until an agreement is reached and the house goes under contract. I can be your coach and cheering section.


14.   Both buyer and seller will have their attorneys read the contract and discuss any changes to reach an agreement. The buyer will arrange for an inspection and if there are any inspection issues, the attorneys will help settle any disputes. The buyer’s earnest money will be deposited in a special account.


15.  While the buyer and seller wait for the buyer’s mortgage to be approved, both will make arrangements for moving.  As the day of closing nears, they will arrange for utilities to be transferred into the name of the buyer


16. Before closing, your attorney will give you specific closing instructions and on the day of closing, both buyer and seller will sign the necessary papers and the buyer will pay the rest of the purchase price


17.  You will move out and enjoy a wonderful life in your new home!


18.  We love referrals and hope you will tell your friends and family how we made the home buying process a pleasure and helped to make your DREAMS COME TRUE.