Buying a Home

Buying A Home

The Home Buying Process
When you buy a house you are making a large financial investment but equally important, you are creating a life style for you and your family. Barbara Roseman can be your guide through the complicated home buying process.



Why Buy a home with Barbara Roseman?

  • I can take the hassle out of house hunting because I have been a successful Realtor for almost 20 years (often top salesperson in my office), I really know the Chicago area (especially the northern suburbs)
  • Of the 2300 Koenig and Strey Realtors who attended our 2006 convention in Las Vegas, I was chosen by an independent survey company (who polls all of our clients after closing) to be one of three Realtors asked to speak on a panel discussing how I give such outstanding service and get such high ratings.
  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago, a full service company with the highest standards of integrity, service, and performance and is able to provide one stop shopping that includes insurance, title,  relocation assistance, mortgage, etc.
  • I work full time and will be available when it is convenient for you.
  • I am a good listener.  I can tune in to your needs and wants and specifically find solutions that give you what you are really looking for.  I have the patience to show you as many possibilities as you need to see until you decide one home is right.
  • I will assist and guide you through the paper chain and give you names of inspectors, attorneys, remodelers, etc. 
  • I am a skilled negotiator and have taught company seminars on how to get the best price.. My negotiating expertise will get you the best price the seller is willing to accept and then I make it a point to smooth the waters by helping both the buyer and seller feel that they won so the sale actually closes. 
  • I will never sell you a home, instead I takes great pride in my ability to find you the home that feels right to you
Bargain Hunters need to “Get Real”

You may have heard that this is a buyers’ market and you are looking to wheel and deal. Supply and demand have said that at this moment there seems to be more sellers than buyers in the market place.

So you want a good deal.       Well so does every buyer, and every seller too for that matter. You think you can steal a home, but you still must be reasonable. Most sellers have already priced their homes to reflect the “buyers market”.  Once in a very great while, personal reasons force a seller to sell far below market value, but that rarely happens. Most often the home is sold for a fair price.

On the North Shore most homes sell for about 95% of the asking price.  This is the average so some sell for asking price and others for 90% of asking price and places in between. Much of the discount depends on how fairly the home was priced in the first place.  Some depends on the desperation of the seller and the eagerness of the buyer.

How do you determine a fair price? Shop well and know the market.  See enough homes so that you know this is reasonable. Ask me to go to the computer and run comparable sales in the area. Be serious, don’t offend the seller with a totally unreasonable offer.

Remember price is not everything!  Two houses in the same area are for sale.  The home for $400,000 is in great shape, attractive and in a great location.  House number two is listed for $380,000 but it is in poor condition, its floor plan is horrible, and the location is poor. You tell me which is a better deal.